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Welcome to Dragon Valley
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Command Costs:

  • All /teleporting commands 10 dragocoins per use.
  • /Sethome 50 dragocoins per use. 


  • /sethome [Home name]`: Mark your home base.
  • /renamehome [Home name]: Customize home names.
  • /delhome [Home name]: Remove old homes.
  • /home [Home name]: Teleport home.
  • /back: Return to previous location (Donator Only).
  • /warp [Location name]: Teleport to server locations.
  • /spawn: Teleport to spawn.
  • /tpr: Teleports self to a random location. 

DiscordLink is necessary for the following commands, check How to Join for info on how to link.

  • /tpa [Playername]: Request to teleport to the specified player.
  • /tpaccept: Accepts teleport requests.
  • /tpahere [Playername]: Request that the specified player teleport to you.
  • /tpacancel: Cancel all outstanding teleport requests.

If your account is already linked and you haven't received the Discord role or Commands please /Discord unlink, and relink your account with the steps here.

Discord Integration:

These commands are to be executed within Minecraft

  • /Discord link: Link your account to Discord.
  • /Discord unlink: Unlink your account from Discord.

Website Integration:

These commands are to be executed within Discord

  • /register: Creates an account on our website.
  • /verify: Links an existing website account to your Minecraft account.

Minecraft Chat Integration:

These commands are to be executed within Discord

  • Type "Playerlist" in the "#💬|minecraft-chat" Discord Channel to see who is playing currently.


  • /msg [Player] [Message]: Send a private message to another player.
  • /r: Reply to the last private message received.

Server Interaction:

  • /vote: Provides vote links to support the server.
  • /rankup: Shows your rank progress.
  • /votes: See how many votes you have.
  • /afk: Set yourself as away from the keyboard.
  • /list: Lists players online.


  • To check your balance, use /balance
  • To make a payment to someone, use /pay
  • Alternatively for creating or managing a shop, use /qs

For more information on the economy and  how to create a shop, please see Economy