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Currency Usage:

DragoCoins can be used for trading goods in the shopping district and compensating users for help or items beyond the district.

1 Diamond is valued at 100 DragoCoins. To convert diamonds into coins or coins into diamonds, kindly proceed to the bank. You have the option to use the command /warp bank or head to the shopping district where the bank is situated.

How to create a shop:

  1. Left-click on a chest while holding the item you want to sell.
  2. Choose to buy items using DragoCoins or sell items for DragoCoins.
  3. Depending on your choice, specify the quantity or price for the item. A sign will appear once you’re done.
  4. Right-click on the sign for more shop modifications via the chat interface.

Command Costs:

  • Teleporting: 10 DragoCoins per use.
  • /sethome command: 50 DragoCoins per use.

For information on available commands, please see Commands