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Frequently Asked Questions

If you come across a situation that requires attention, such as reporting a player or addressing an issue, we have a straightforward process in place. To report a player or any concerns, you can easily open a support ticket with our staff directly on our Discord server. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and ensure a positive experience within our community. Your reports help us maintain a healthy and enjoyable environment for everyone. Feel free to reach out whenever you need assistance or want to bring something to our attention.

No, cracked accounts are not allowed on Dragon Valley.

To access the Shopping district, players must hold the Member rank or higher. The currency used within our server is diamonds. Specifically, the Veteran rank is required for players to create their own shop in the shopping district.

For a comprehensive list of allowed mods, kindly refer to our website at https://dragonvalley.net/rules/. You'll find all the relevant details regarding permitted mods there.

We currently support Minecraft version 1.20.1, and our server is regularly updated to stay compatible.

Yes, we have a set of rules to ensure a positive and fair gaming environment for everyone. You can find our server rules listed on the "Rules" page.

We value player input! Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions through the dedicated channel in our Discord server.

1. Open the in-game console and type /discord link.

2. A 4-numbered code will be generated for you.

3. Locate @In-Game Chat in the Discord member list and send it a direct message (DM) containing the code.

4. Once you've sent the code, your Discord account will be successfully linked with your player name on Dragon Valley, allowing you to seamlessly interact with the Dragon Valley community.