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Welcome to the Dragon Valley rules page!

Rules play a crucial role on our Minecraft server to uphold a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for all players. These guidelines foster fair gameplay, respectful interactions, and the preservation of creativity.
By adhering to these rules, we cultivate a welcoming community where everyone can explore, build, and collaborate without disruption, ultimately enhancing the immersive and enriching experience for each participant.

Useful links:

   - 1.1 - Treat others with courtesy and respect, avoiding any offensive language or behaviour. Derogatory terms, slurs, or any form of harassment are strictly prohibited.

   - 1.2 - Avoid spamming, using CAPS LOCK excessively, or trolling in chat.

   - 1.3 - Do not impersonate other players or staff members, and refrain from harassing or stalking others.

   - 1.4 - Please refrain from using fancy text or glitch characters.

   - 1.5 - Begging for items, ranks, or other benefits is not allowed. Earn them through gameplay.

   - 1.6 - Keep chat free from discussions about drama, politics, or religion.

   - 2.1 - Respect others' builds and do not modify or remove them without permission.

   - 2.2 - Always seek permission before taking items from chests, furnaces, shulkers, etc., that don't belong to you. Do not loot other players' death locations.

   - 2.3 - Offensive or overly sexualised builds are not permitted.

   - 2.4 - If asked, kindly leave another player's area.

   - 3.1 - Lag machines and zero-tick farms are not allowed, as they disrupt the gameplay experience.

   - 3.2 - Make an effort to create aesthetically pleasing redstone farms that fit within the themed district.

   - 3.3 - Ensure hoppers are emptied regularly to prevent lag and maintain smooth gameplay.

   - 3.4 - Shulker farms are prohibited, and Wither Rose farms should not be built on the main End island.

   - 3.5 - Avoid using fish farms with note blocks or wooden trapdoors.

   - 4.1 - Cheating, including the use of cheat mods or resource packs, is strictly prohibited.

   - 4.2 - Do not exploit any bugs outside what is allowed; instead, report them to the staff team. 

Vanilla exploits such as, Bedrock breaking and Piston Duplication is allowed. If lag occurs on the server, redstone devices that use these exploits must be disabled!

To be clearer, allowed item exploits: 

  • TNT
  • Carpet
  • Rail
  • Bedrock

Sand duping is disabled due to it causing lag. Don’t ask for this to be enabled. 

   - 4.3 - Evading or attempting to bypass punishments is not allowed.

   - 4.4 - Respect the approved list of mods and clients, ensuring fair gameplay for all.

   - 4.5 - Resource packs that offer an unfair advantage are not allowed.

   - 5.1 - Players must be a Member rank or above to enter the Shopping district, and all transactions must use DragoCoins as currency.

   - 5.2 - Clearly label your shop with its name and the shop owner's name.

   - 5.3 - Shops must fit within their designated plot size (10 x 10) and not extend beyond it.

   - 5.4 - Shops should be themed, but can sell a variety of items. 

   - 5.5 - Claim one shop plot at a time, ensuring it is stocked and finished within 14 days.

   - 5.6 - Shops left empty or inactive for 14 days may be removed without warning or auctioned. Inactivity for 45 days will result in shop removal.

   - 5.7 - Building shops outside the Shopping District is not allowed.

   - 6.1 - The Main Island of The End is not to be grieved.

   - 7.1 - Avoid sharing personal information online for your safety.

   - 7.2 - Players are only allowed one account; alternate accounts (alts) are not permitted.

   - 7.3 - Inactive players may have their shops removed or auctioned after 45 days.

   - 7.4 - Players not in line with our community guidelines may be removed from the server, forfeiting transfer rights for items, bases, or plots.

   - 8.1 - PvP is only allowed with mutual consent. Players must agree to engage in combat before initiating any PvP interactions.

   - 8.2 - A Designated PvP Arena is provided for players who wish to engage in organized PvP battles. PvP outside these areas is disabled.

   - 9.1 - In case of conflicts or disputes with other players, communicate respectfully and try to resolve the issue peacefully. If the resolution is not possible, seek assistance from a staff member.

   - 9.2 - Staff members are expected to follow the same guidelines as players and treat everyone with respect and fairness. If you encounter any issues with a staff member, report it to the server administration 

Mod Policy

We have carefully curated a list of allowed mods that enhance gameplay, aesthetics, and performance while maintaining the integrity of our server environment. These approved mods have been tested and deemed compatible with our server's configuration. Players are welcome to use the mods listed in the respective categories above.

For Mods Not Listed:

If you have a mod that you believe would enhance your gameplay experience but it is not included in our approved list, we kindly request that you seek permission from our staff before using it on our server. While we strive to create an enjoyable and fair environment for all players, certain mods might have unintended interactions or could potentially compromise the server's stability.

To request approval for a specific mod that is not listed, please reach out to our staff through the designated communication channels. Our team will review the mod and assess its compatibility and potential impact on the server. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the quality of our gaming community.

Performance Centered:

- Cull Leaves

- Dynamic FPS

- Enhanced Block Entities

- EntityCulling

- FastChest

- FerriteCore

- LazyDFU

- MemoryLeakFix

- OptiFine

- Lithium

- Sodium

- Starlight

- Borderless Mining

- Better Beds

- Concurrent Chunk Management Engine

- Sodium Extra

- ImmediatelyFast

- More Culling

- Reese's Sodium Options

Useful Tools:

- Mod Menu

- AdvancementInfo

- Amecs

- AppleSkin

- Fabrishot

- Giselbaer's Durability Viewer

- Inventory Hud+

- Inventory Profiles Next

- Item Scroller

- MidnightControls

- Mod Menu

- Mouse Tweaks

- Mouse Wheelie

- ShulkerBoxTooltip

- Xaero's Minimap/Other map mods

- Xaero's World Map/Other map mods


- Litematica without printer or easy place

Aesthetic Changes:

- Blur

- Bobby

- Canvas Renderer

- Continuity

- Dark Loading Screen

- Distant Horizons

- Effective

- FancyMenu

- Iris Shaders

- ItemPhysic Mod

- LambdaBetterGrass

- LambDynamicLights

- Logical Zoom

- MinecraftCapes

- Minecraft Shaders

- Physics Mod

- Cosmetica

- Eating Animation

- Visuality

- Falling Leaves

- Model Gap Fix

- Not Enough Animations

- Fresh Animations

Specialized Tools:

- AntiGhost - Fabric

- Auth Me - Fabric

- Better Ping Display - Fabric

- CraftPresence - Forge/Fabric

- Light Level Overlay - Forge/Fabric

- More Chat History - Fabric

- NBT Tooltip - Fabric

- No Fade - Fabric

- Not Enough Crashes - Fabric

- MiniHUD - Fabric

Allowed Launchers:

- Official Minecraft Launcher

- SK Launcher

- Curse Forge Launcher

- Modrinth Launcher

- GD Launcher

- Multi MC

- Prism Launcher

- Lunar Client Launcher

- Feather Client Launcher

- BadLion Client

For any other clients please ask!

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Frequently Asked Questions (8)

If you come across a situation that requires attention, such as reporting a player or addressing an issue, we have a straightforward process in place. To report a player or any concerns, you can easily open a support ticket with our staff directly on our Discord server. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and ensure a positive experience within our community. Your reports help us maintain a healthy and enjoyable environment for everyone. Feel free to reach out whenever you need assistance or want to bring something to our attention.

No, cracked accounts are not allowed on Dragon Valley.

To access the Shopping district, players must hold the Member rank or higher. The currency used within our server is diamonds. Specifically, the Veteran rank is required for players to create their own shop in the shopping district.

For a comprehensive list of allowed mods, kindly refer to our website at https://dragonvalley.net/rules/. You'll find all the relevant details regarding permitted mods there.

We currently support Minecraft version 1.20.1, and our server is regularly updated to stay compatible.

Yes, we have a set of rules to ensure a positive and fair gaming environment for everyone. You can find our server rules listed on the "Rules" page.

We value player input! Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions through the dedicated channel in our Discord server.

1. Open the in-game console and type /discord link.

2. A 4-numbered code will be generated for you.

3. Locate @In-Game Chat in the Discord member list and send it a direct message (DM) containing the code.

4. Once you've sent the code, your Discord account will be successfully linked with your player name on Dragon Valley, allowing you to seamlessly interact with the Dragon Valley community.