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To participate in server voting, click on the provided links and enter your Minecraft username. Once you've voted, you'll receive vote points that are used to rank up within the server. For details about player ranks and their corresponding requirements, please refer to the Discord server. Happy voting and enjoy your journey through the ranks!


🌟 Newcomers: 30 coins a vote, up to 150 coins/day.

🌟 Members: 40 coins a vote, up to 200 coins/day.

🌟 Veterans: 50 coins a vote, up to 250 coins/day.

🌟 Experts: 60 coins a vote, up to 300 coins/day.

To ensure your votes count, please use your exact in-game username as it appears in the tab list when voting. Variations in capitalization or formatting won’t be counted toward your account. Please note that we cannot modify vote points as they are handled by the vote sites and are only forwarded to the server.Β 

Players who have used "/nickname" will need to use their Minecraft username, not their nickname!

Bedrock players need to include the "." when voting

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